Monday, September 10, 2007

Games Convention Asia 2007 @ Ksatria's Booth

The moment of truth... actually, just a sigh of relief after much preparation for the convention. The Lone Wolf demo made its way to public's eyes for the first time.
So here it was, our booth, simple yet all fundamentals were there. Big-ass posters (and nope, they're not for sale), chairs, company name card (P/L? hmmm... oh Private Limited), a computer (plus a big-ass wide monitor, dang... "its a beauty"), and oh our game.... Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark (oh yeah).
Our company decided to booth on the business section of the convention, which you have to pay extra to go in. In short, mostly exhibitors, publishers and business dudes got in. But it's ok. The weird part was that our booth got crowded... which was not so typical in a business section booth. We were nashing our teeth, with some crash and bugs on the demo... but anyway, its a working progress. We're happy we got some good feedbacks.
All in all, it was a rewarding experience after seeing the reaction of the crowd. I said to myself, this is why I(we) make games.
I can't wait for the release.... errrr.... end of 2008, so you boys and girls have to wait.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ksatria Gameworks takes it flight from the Dark!!!

Today's Strait Times(Digital Life section), a famous news paper here in Singapore, Ksatria Gameworks. We've been busy, these past few weeks, preparing a demo for the up coming Game Convention Asia this Sept 7-9, 2007. It was rewarding for me to see our company being featured in the article. Anyway, I'm just proud to be a Ksatrian! (Click on picture to see article)
After the GCA, we'll have time to optimize the engine, flushing out bugs and add more cool feature (RT Ambient Occlusion, etc.).

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tech 5 Engine Demo by John Carmack




WOOOOAAAA!!!(neo from matrix)

NAKAOUIEW EH!!!(batange├▒ong-cavite├▒ong Filipino)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My HelloWorld Post

This is my first ever blog (and posting on blogs). As you may notice my blog's weird title the same with my first post title. If you're a programmer, you'll get my swing.

Anyway, I'm currently working in Ksatria Gameworks Pte. Ltd. here in Singapore as a Programmer. We are currently working on Joe Dever's Lone Wolf video game adaptation. Last week, I'd worked on improving our game engine's(kjAPI - HDR postprocess with eye adaptation. I was able to implement the KAWASE technique(Masaki Kawase). My personal thanks to Michael Gamil with his support. My next task is about dynamic decals...... sigh.... all in the days work.

So far, I like staying here in Singapore. But ofcourse, I miss my family back in the Philippines and my girlfriend in UAE. Plus 'the gang' back in my country.

To kick start, let me run my call my AreUReady function.....


#define absolutely true
/// A AreUReady function
/// @param bReadytoStart - just say yes
/// @return char*
char* AreUReady( bool bReadytoStart )
return "Let's get it ON!!!";
return "Need some jump start.";