Monday, September 10, 2007

Games Convention Asia 2007 @ Ksatria's Booth

The moment of truth... actually, just a sigh of relief after much preparation for the convention. The Lone Wolf demo made its way to public's eyes for the first time.
So here it was, our booth, simple yet all fundamentals were there. Big-ass posters (and nope, they're not for sale), chairs, company name card (P/L? hmmm... oh Private Limited), a computer (plus a big-ass wide monitor, dang... "its a beauty"), and oh our game.... Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark (oh yeah).
Our company decided to booth on the business section of the convention, which you have to pay extra to go in. In short, mostly exhibitors, publishers and business dudes got in. But it's ok. The weird part was that our booth got crowded... which was not so typical in a business section booth. We were nashing our teeth, with some crash and bugs on the demo... but anyway, its a working progress. We're happy we got some good feedbacks.
All in all, it was a rewarding experience after seeing the reaction of the crowd. I said to myself, this is why I(we) make games.
I can't wait for the release.... errrr.... end of 2008, so you boys and girls have to wait.


psykumagski said...

[kneels] We're not worthy!!!

MrValdez said...

> Big-ass posters (and nope, they're not for sale)

*grumble* Thanks a lot. *grumble*

Now I'm tempted to buy your collector's box just to get those big-ass posters.