Friday, December 12, 2014

Tech Demo @ Google Play

Our Technical Demo is now available for download via Google Play. -> QN Tech Demo

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Second Version of Our NVIDIA Tegra K1 Techdemo

This is our second showcase in running our engine in NVIDIA Tegra K1 (Xiaomi MiPad).
Here are the new features we have added:

  • Day-night transitions
  • Actor (partial)path finding/avoidance
  • Particles
  • UI controls
  • Event actors(triggers)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Engine Running on NVIDIA Tegra K1

We've hit a milestone! After a week of porting, we managed to run our proprietary engine on Android, more specifically on NVIDIA Tegra K1. This video is our first attempt in exploring the capabilities of NVIDIA's up coming gen flagship chip.

Currently, we are only utilizing a single core but we are already getting 30+ to 40+ frames per second with desktop graphics quality (fully deferred which means all dynamic light/shadow, hardware skinning, etc.).

This tech demo features a fully deferred rendering pipeline running on OpenGL 4.4  with the following graphical features:

  • Dynamic lighting (point, spot, directional)
  • Dynamic shadows (dual paraboloid shadow mapping, cascaded shadow mapping)
  • Linear Space HDR lighting with bloom and eye adaptation
  • Hemispherical ambient lighting with Scalable Ambient Occlusion (SAO not in the video)
  • Distance and Height fog
  • Hardware skinned characters using transform feedback.
  • Geometry instancing, Octagon-based clip mapped terrain, etc.

What do you guys think?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Back into R&D Mode YEY!

So after slightly over two years of development of our game Fatehunters our team can finally go back to R&D mode.

I hope to be active again updating my blog. I got a GO signal from my Technical Director to go back on my research on LOSL-BRDF. I am now doing the LOSL-EX-BRDF. It's short for the extention of my 'semi-delusional' material lighting model. I'm quite happy that our game was build heavily on the LOSL lighting model which researched 2 years ago. Though I know this isometric-perspective game is not the best game to exhibit this lighting model, having my research implemented on an actual comercial game is both thrilling and rewarding.

I hope to grab some screenshots or get a video of the current game build and post them here.

Until then, expect some updates from me soon (I promise so this time :D ).