Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Engine Running on NVIDIA Tegra K1

We've hit a milestone! After a week of porting, we managed to run our proprietary engine on Android, more specifically on NVIDIA Tegra K1. This video is our first attempt in exploring the capabilities of NVIDIA's up coming gen flagship chip.

Currently, we are only utilizing a single core but we are already getting 30+ to 40+ frames per second with desktop graphics quality (fully deferred which means all dynamic light/shadow, hardware skinning, etc.).

This tech demo features a fully deferred rendering pipeline running on OpenGL 4.4  with the following graphical features:

  • Dynamic lighting (point, spot, directional)
  • Dynamic shadows (dual paraboloid shadow mapping, cascaded shadow mapping)
  • Linear Space HDR lighting with bloom and eye adaptation
  • Hemispherical ambient lighting with Scalable Ambient Occlusion (SAO not in the video)
  • Distance and Height fog
  • Hardware skinned characters using transform feedback.
  • Geometry instancing, Octagon-based clip mapped terrain, etc.

What do you guys think?

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