Thursday, May 5, 2011

LO-SL BRDF Showcase

It's been a while since I last posted. I have been busy with some programming stuff at work. Most of which are integration of all the prototypes my team mates have done for our engine.

I'm quite happy that things are slowly coming together for our game engine. Tools, FX, lighting, etc. These are the times that I am reminded why I chose this career. (*sniff*)

(After much drama) I want to showcase some screenshot of the LOSL-BRDF (check my previous posts).

Pls note the following specifications I used on the screenshots:
- No environmental mapping was used.
- No fancy global illumination and/or ambient occlusion
- No image-based lighting.
- Ambient color is black.
- Light color is white.
- Only one directional light (red line shows the current light direction)
- No shadow
- No diffuse texture. Only color for albedo.
- Running in real-time and fast enough for Directx 9 cards for implementing for games.
- Running in a Pre-light pipeline rendering with specular color (this is not noticable due to light color is white)
- LOSL-BRDF is rendered at light accumulation pass. This means additional lights placed in the scene will react according to the material assigned to surfaces.
- Assets borrowed from UDK (model and normal map)

Here are the screenshots (click to enlarge)...

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