Monday, November 4, 2013

Back into R&D Mode YEY!

So after slightly over two years of development of our game Fatehunters our team can finally go back to R&D mode.

I hope to be active again updating my blog. I got a GO signal from my Technical Director to go back on my research on LOSL-BRDF. I am now doing the LOSL-EX-BRDF. It's short for the extention of my 'semi-delusional' material lighting model. I'm quite happy that our game was build heavily on the LOSL lighting model which researched 2 years ago. Though I know this isometric-perspective game is not the best game to exhibit this lighting model, having my research implemented on an actual comercial game is both thrilling and rewarding.

I hope to grab some screenshots or get a video of the current game build and post them here.

Until then, expect some updates from me soon (I promise so this time :D ).

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