Friday, June 13, 2008

Back To PC... Now Portable

And so I finally got a new PC errr... laptop. My last set was, believe or not, a Pentium III 1GHz with 512MB RAM and Geforce 5600. Super-doper low it may seem but I shared fond memories with that computer. Game-memories, that is. I definitely need a new rig.

So on June 10, 2008, my girl(Ms. Nazarene Madlangbayan) and I got Joey. Yes I gave it a name. My Acer Aspire 6920G-833G32Mn(Joey - an obnoxious but useful robot from Beneath the Steel Sky game)

I bought a laptop for ease of transport and avoiding my landlord getting ideas on increasing my rent if I buy a deskstop instead for consuming more electricity.

I never had a laptop before so I consider myself a NEWB on anything about it.

I was doubtful at first if Joey can run the current gen games smoothly, especially its OS is MS Vista SP1 which is a resource monster. All of my fears simply vanished away when I ran Bioshock in Full HD resolution with all options set to HIGH. It played almost hitch free. It had some frame drops here and there, but WOW! DirectX 10 in a laptop at 1920 x 1080!

Although I have yet to test Crysis with it, I'm pretty much sure Joey can run it atleast maybe with a low to mid setting.

My next mission is to transform Joey into a developer's machine. That will be my first Vista and DirectX 10 programming experience.

I'm back to PC... now portable.

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